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Fast NIW Green Cards

I heard you from a friend who received his green card through NIW in less than a month after filing. I looked at your approved petitions and found more NIW and EB1 petitions approved in weeks. I can’t believe this. I have a pending labor which was filed in the beginning of last year. In this case, do I […]

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H1B Visa Stamping for Researchers and Scientists

My company recently filed my H1B application which was quickly approved by USCIS. I went to the US Consulate in Chennai for stamping and they asked me to complete a detailed questionnaire about my research, my qualifications and how my trip to the US will benefit my research. I wasn’t expecting this and they told me that […]

Entrepreneur NIW: The National Interest Waiver for Entrepreneurs

In an effort to encourage foreign nationals to immigrate to the United States, establish or purchase a business and employ US persons, USCIS has established a new set of regulations specifically for foreign entrepreneurs.  This new regulations allow entrepreneurs to utilize the H1B visa to establish and run a business in the US temporarily and […]

National Interest Waiver Approvals – Part II

National Interest Waiver – Part II In continuation of our ongoing segment of national interest waiver approvals, we’re going to discuss another previously approved case.  In this matter, the applicant was an Indian national but unlike today, the EB2 category was current for Indian nationals, and we could file an NIW application and there was […]

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National Interest Waiver Approvals – Part I

National Interest Waiver – Part I I’m going to introduce a new segment to my blog readers.  Many current and potential clients contact me or my office to discuss whether or not they can qualify for certain applications like the national interest waiver.  I wrote one previous entry describing the typical qualifications for our NIW […]

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Recent Success in the National Interest Waiver Category (NIW)

While our firm has always had great success in getting green card applications approved through the national interest waiver category, we have recently have enjoyed noteworthy success in getting them approved quickly.  In the past, we normally saw cases take roughly 10-14 months for NIWs to be approved and green cards to be issued.  Currently, […]

Green Card Options for PhD Holders

In virtually all types of green card application, the foreign national seeking permanent residence must have a sponsor.  Typically the sponsor is the applicant’s employer or there is some type of familial relationship.  For certain PhD holders, or even PhD students, the foreign national can act as both the sponsor and the applicant. The two […]