Fast NIW Green Cards

I heard you from a friend who received his green card through NIW in less than a month after filing. I looked at your approved petitions and found more NIW and EB1 petitions approved in weeks. I can’t believe this. I have a pending labor which was filed in the beginning of last year. In this case, do I need to withdraw the labor then file NIW or file NIW immediately without canceling the labor. Please let me know ASAP so I can start my case with you. Thank you.

Canceling the labor certification is not required. You can file simultaneous EB1 and NIW petitions and retain the labor certification filing. For many scientists and researchers, a labor certification is not required and will significantly lengthen the amount of time it takes to obtain residency. In addition, the NIW and EB1 avenues do not require employer sponsorship which is very difficult for the majority of new PhD holders to obtain. Please send us a copy of your CV/resume and we can determine if you are qualified for a self sponsored EB1 and/or NIW application.

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