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E2 Visa to Green Card

E2 Visa to Green Card If you do not have family green card options or want to make a supersized EB5 investment, there are two primary ways to obtain a green card as an E2 visa holder. 1. Self sponsored green card option In an effort to encourage foreign nationals to immigrate to the United […]

USCIS Appointment and Green Card Interview Rules – NEW

New USCIS Interview for Employment Based I485 Applicants For the past 15 years, USCIS has only required in person interview of employment based I485 applicants in situations where the USCIS adjudicator believed the applicant may have committed fraud, violated their nonimmigrant status or had a criminal record.  On August 28, 2017 that all changed.  USCIS has […]

Filing a Second PERM Labor Certification to Take Advantage of shorter EB2 Wait Times

I am from India and I already got an approved labor certificate and I140 in the EB3 category. My I485 has been pending for three years now and it seems like it will never get approved because of the long waits. I have a job offer from another company and I want to file again to go […]

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I-140 Upgrade from EB3 to EB2

Hi, I was hoping you could tell me if I can upgrade my I-140 from EB3 to EB2. Is that possible? EB3 is taking forever and I know I can get green card quickly through EB2. Thx. Yes, not only is that possible but both the Nebraska Service Center and the Texas Service Center have both issued clear […]

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Interfiling Issues at the Nebraska Service Center

I have filed two I-140 cases, both through the same company. One was EB2 and the other was EB3. I filed my I-485 with the EB3 case but now my priority date is current with my EB2 case. How can I tell USCIS to use my EB2 priority date? There is a process called interfiling, whereby you may […]

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Visa Bulletin Outlook for 2009/2010

The Department of State Visa Office has made several predictions regarding the movement of priority dates for the remainder of 2009 and beyond.  These predictions include the following: Regarding the EB1 category, all countries are expected to remain current for 2009 but this is expected to change in 2010 for India and possible China due […]

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