I-485 Denied Due to Missed Biometrics Appointment

we were denied status adjustment and legal residence and travel (my wife) and they have told her she has 30 days to leave the country. we filed all paperwork and they said they sent us letters asking for additional information which we never got the first one. We then got a second letter we went into the office and spoke to them about the letter that we were told they sent and they said they had no such record of any letter being sent. Not to worry it was probably just the biometrics date. We now have received a letter stating denial and don’t know what to do. Please tell me how much it would be to file motions or appeals to reverse the decision on this. we have all documents needed and can provide any additional info required wanted needed or whatever. 

Assuming that you provided USCIS with your correct address and/or properly updated your address with USCIS, we can file a motion to reopen and get your filing back on track. Otherwise, you may have to refile your applications. It is very important to take care of this as soon as possible as there is typically a 30 day filing deadline for a motion to reopen and if you need to refile, it should be done before removal (deportation) proceedings are initiated.

Expediting Biometrics and Advance Parole at the Nebraska Service Center

Greg Richardson, Acting Director of the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) held a question and answer conference with AILA regarding requests for expediting biometrics and advance parole.

Due to processing guidelines mandated by USCIS Headquarters, the NSC is unable to expedite biometrics and advance parole because the filings that were made to the NSC had to be forwarded to a lockbox facility which takes the cases in, fees the receipt and then forwards the application to the NSC.  Until the lockbox location forwards the file to the NSC, the NSC cannot expedite anything.

In our experience, it is much easier to get an advance parole expedited when efiling the advance parole application and visiting the USCIS local office.