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H1B Husband Doesn’t Want H4 Wife to Take Kids to India

I am H1B working fulltime for one IT company. I have two kids One Daughter (7th Grade) and Son(Kindergarden).My wife wants to go back to india along with kids for which I am not interested due to career growth of my elder child. my question, Can I stop legally my kids go back to india. I am not bothered about my wife. Let her go toinida. This isn’t really an […]

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H1B Visa and H4 Visa Extension

Is my H4 extended automatically when my husband extended his H1B? I’m worried because he got a new I-94 card when he extended his H1B but I haven’t gotten anything. An H4 visa status application may be filed concurrently with an H1B status application but they remain separate applications. If you did not file your own application […]