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Which Visa is Faster: K1 Visa or K3 Visa

I am planning on marrying a girl from the philippines. I was wondering if its quicker her to get her here in America if I marry her here or if I marry here there in the philippines? Also what form do I need to fill out? In our experience the K1 visa is quicker by a couple […]

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Six Month Waiting Period Before Fiance Can Remarry

I had a question about getting a fiance visa. I recently got divorced from my exwife. My ex and I have been separated for quite some, but for financial reasons we just finalized the divorce on August 31st. I live in the state of Oklahoma. I did not realize that in this state there is a six month waiting […]

K1 Visa Multiple Entry

My fiance is in the US right now with a K1 that I sponsored for her. We decided to get married in France. Can you go to France, get married and then come back with her K1 visa? No, the K1 visa is a single entry visa. It can only be used once. No. The K-1 is not a […]

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K1 Visa Petitioner Divorced 5 Times

I’ve been divorced five times. I’m dating a Chinese girl now and I want to bring her here to marry her. Will my divorce history cause any problems? Having been divorced, by itself, will not prevent you from bringing your fiance to the US on a K1 visa. However, it will require you to document your relationship at […]

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K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa: IMBRA Limitations and Waivers

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) created harsh reporting requirements for US persons who seek to meet foreign nationals through dating services.  IMBRA requires that potential US petitioners disclose certain criminal and marital history to matchmaking service companies before the companies may assist them in finding foreign natioanls interest in American suitors.   […]