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J1 Visa holder Wishes to Change Status to J2 Visa

Me and my wife were hired to work in the US as teachers for 3 years, each one with its own J1 Visa, however she was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months later (march 2011) we have seen that we will have to stay to finish the threatment but my our salaries as teachers won`t […]

J2 Visa Holder Divorce

I’m a J2 holder. I plan to file for a divorce and would still like to stay in the US.  We’re both subject to the two year requirement because he is on the skills list. Am I still subject after we divorce? If yes, can I still get a waiver or can only my husband apply for it? […]

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J1 Waiver for a J2 Holder

I have J1 visa and my spouse J2 visa. Our visa expires on September 6, 2012 and I am leaving with my kids back. But my husband needs to stay here in order to improve his English and get some upgrade in his education. But he has as I do, two year rule restriction. Can […]