J1 Visa holder Wishes to Change Status to J2 Visa

Me and my wife were hired to work in the US as teachers for 3 years, each one with its own J1 Visa, however she was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months later (march 2011) we have seen that we will have to stay to finish the threatment but my our salaries as teachers won`t be enough to survive, I want to quit my J1 visa and become her dependant with J2 visa and ask a work permit, so I search a work with my MBA and get more money to overcome this situation. Is this possible? Is it too risky? Are we allowed to do it? Can you help us? Please let me know and I deeply apprecciate your time

Yes, we can help you obtain J2 visa status or even apply for a work visa such as an H1B visa provided that you are not subject to the two year home residency requirement. It is not risky to change to J2 visa status and as a J2 visa holder you would be able to obtain an EAD which would authorize you to work for any US employer in any capacity.

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