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Waiving the Meeting Requirement for an K1 Visa Application

I am trying to secure a fiancee visa. The problem I have is that I can not obtain a passport due to owing child support. The question I have is there any other way I can get her here without traveling to her country? She lives in Uzbekistan. Is there another type of visa we […]

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Six Month Waiting Period Before Fiance Can Remarry

I had a question about getting a fiance visa. I recently got divorced from my exwife. My ex and I have been separated for quite some, but for financial reasons we just finalized the divorce on August 31st. I live in the state of Oklahoma. I did not realize that in this state there is a six month waiting […]

Fiancé Visa Processing in Guangzhou, China

In recent months, we have been seeing the US Consulate in Guangzhou China take a much harder line on K-1 visa applicants.  In the past, the vast, vast majority of cases being approved on the day of application.  Now we are seeing applicants turned away with requests for further documentation.  This is becoming a hardship […]

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa: IMBRA Limitations and Waivers

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) created harsh reporting requirements for US persons who seek to meet foreign nationals through dating services.  IMBRA requires that potential US petitioners disclose certain criminal and marital history to matchmaking service companies before the companies may assist them in finding foreign natioanls interest in American suitors.   […]