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USCIS Appointment and Green Card Interview Rules – NEW

New USCIS Interview for Employment Based I485 Applicants For the past 15 years, USCIS has only required in person interview of employment based I485 applicants in situations where the USCIS adjudicator believed the applicant may have committed fraud, violated their nonimmigrant status or had a criminal record.  On August 28, 2017 that all changed.  USCIS has […]

EB1 Requirements

Documentation for EB1 Requirements The EB1A green card is for aliens of extraordinary ability engaged in the arts, sciences, business, education or athletics. Many scientists, post docs, and PhD students utilize the EB1A category to self sponsor their permanent residency as no job offer or labor certification is required. The legal standard for the EB1A […]

Athlete Visa and Athlete Green Card Options

For foreign nationals who wish to come to the United States to work or perform as an athlete in sports like football, basketball, hockey, MMA, tennis, golf or in other competitions, there are several different visa and green card options to be found.  Typically, the most difficult part of the process is finding sponsorship but, […]

EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petitions for Managers: Project Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manger, Software Development Manager, and other Businessmen

The EB1 extraordinary ability green card allows anyone in the arts, sciences, business, education or athletics to sponsor their own green card.  No job offer or labor certification is required.  The requirements for this category are quite high but not insurmountable.  Our office has handled thousands of immigration cases and have secured many EB1 approvals […]

EB1A and EB1B Concurrent Filings

I’m a researcher currently working in Virginia University.  I have numerous publications and hundreds of citations.  I believe that I’m qualified for EB1-EA.  My boss is also agree to sponsor me through EB1-OR. Can I file both EB1-EA and EB1-OR at the same time? Yes. Many of our clients opt for filing both petitions simultaneously. […]

EB1 Extraordinary Ability and EB1 Outstanding Researcher Concurrent Filing

I’m a researcher currently working at Yale.  I have numerous publications and hundreds of citations. I believe that I’m qualified for EB1-EA.  My boss is also agree to sponsor me through EB1-OR. Can I file both EB1-EA and EB1-OR at the same time? Yes, many of our clients who qualify under two or more categories, choose […]

Principle Green Card Applicant to File Without Dependents

I’m ready to have you handle my green card case through both EB1 and NIW. I do not want to file the green cards petition for my wife and daughters at this time due to our financial situation. Is it Ok if I have my case approved first then file for them? Will they still […]

Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) Received in an EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition

Thank you for providing this service. I have filed an EB1 application through another law firm and have received a notice of intent to deny NOID. I have about 40 publications, 200 citations and 15 patents and review manuscripts for 5 international journals. I thought I had a good case but now I am not so sure. Is it […]

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H1B Visa Stamping for Researchers and Scientists

My company recently filed my H1B application which was quickly approved by USCIS. I went to the US Consulate in Chennai for stamping and they asked me to complete a detailed questionnaire about my research, my qualifications and how my trip to the US will benefit my research. I wasn’t expecting this and they told me that […]

EB1 Extraordinary Ability Approvals – Part I

EB1 Extraordinary Ability – Part I In continuation of our ongoing segment of national interest waiver approvals, we’re going to discuss another type of self sponsored residency applications.  The EB1 Extraordinary Ability carries both a higher standard of approval and a higher priority for approved applicants.  For Indian and Chinese nationals, an EB1 application means […]