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I am an assistant to a movie star who is holding an O1 visa. What kind of visa I should apply for in order to continue my assistant job for this movie star? You can obtain and O2 visa provided that you are an integral part of the movie star’s performance or have related critical […]

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Is an O1 Visa or P1 Visa More Appropriate for a Rock Band?

Hi, we have a well known band in the UK and are looking to tour the US. I’ve spoken to several different lawyers and they are all giving me different advice. Can you tell me if we should be looking to get an O visa or P visa? While it is technically possible for the lead in […]

Agents May Sponsor O and P Nonimmigrants Under Certain Circumstances

Under 8 CFR 214.2(o)(2)(i) and 8 CFR 214.2 (p)(2)(i), O and P petitions may only be filed by a U.S. employer, a U.S. agent, or a foreign employer through a U.S agent. Both the O and P regulations provide that if the beneficiary employee will work concurrently for more than one employer within the same […]

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