Visa Cancelled or Revoked Under 22 CFR 41.122

Visa Cancelled or Revoked Under 22 CFR 41.122

Did an immigration officer recently cancel your visa and write 22 CFR 41.122 on it? 22 CFR 41.122 gives immigration officers authority to revoke or cancel visas which they normally use in two different situations.  If a consular official believes that a visa was issued incorrectly or the visa holder violated the terms of their visa, they can revoke a visa pursuant to 22 CFR 41.122(a).  Consular officials can take this action at any time after issuing a visa.  Most commonly they will notify a visa holder by email of their intentions to revoke or they will physically meet a visa holder at the airport.  In the situation where a visa holder is applying for entry to the US at the airport, CBP can refuse entry and cancel the visa on the spot pursuant to 22 CFR 41.122(e) and instruct the applicant to return to their home country.

Why Was My Visa Cancelled?

There are many reasons why your visa was cancelled.  The most common reasons are document fraud, problems with the police, violations of status, and issues related to another failed or denied application.  The immigration officer should inform you of their reasons and give you an opportunity to defend yourself prior to revocation.  Following revocation, you should be provided with documentation which gives  you the reason behind their decision.  Ordinarily, cancellation comes with some other penalty and this will be listed on your paperwork.

How Do I Appeal a Revoked Visa?

As with any negative decision, an appeal or request for reconsideration must be pursued through the agency that issued the decision.  You should act to appeal any visa cancellation or revocation as quickly as possible.  Your chances of securing a reversal are higher the sooner you act.  The Messersmith Law Firm has helped people contest visa revocations and overcome serious immigration charges for nearly 20 years.   In most circumstances visa cancellations come with other problems like document fraud (INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i)), smuggling (INA 212(a)(6)(E)), or removal from the US (INA 212(a)(9)(A)).  If you have a similar case or would like to avoid this potential problem, contact our office through our website or give us a call at 305 515 0613. We look forward to helping you win your case like we have for thousands of other clients.