I-485 Portability; EAD Employment

My current company has sponsored my H1B and applied for Green Card. I have received my EAD card, and I485 is submitted an year back. I485 is pending approval. I am currently interviewing with other companies and anticipating an offer letter from another company. My new company is not willing to sponsor my H1B. So, […]

J1 Visa holder Wishes to Change Status to J2 Visa

Me and my wife were hired to work in the US as teachers for 3 years, each one with its own J1 Visa, however she was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months later (march 2011) we have seen that we will have to stay to finish the threatment but my our salaries as teachers won`t […]

Nonimmigrant Employment While EAD Application is Pending

Right now I am working with a L1A visa status and my company wishes to apply my green card. I know I can get the EAD but and thinking I can work with my L1A until the green card is approved. Is this ok? Also, can you help me with the green card? My company and me are not […]

Employment by Spouses of E3 Visa Holders

I have a company that wants to bring me to the US on an E3 visa. Can my wife come with me? Can she work? A: Yes, your wife will be able to accompany you to the US as a dependent and she will be eligible to apply for a work permit (EAD) upon entry to the […]

The DREAM is on! Obama to grant deferred action and work authorization!

On June 15, 2012 the Department of Homeland Security formally announced that it will offer deferred action to “DREAMers.” This means that for millions of undocumented youths who entered the United States without inspection (no visas) as children can now obtain “deferred action” and work authorization from USCIS. Both individuals who are in removal proceedings (deportation) and […]