Nonimmigrant Employment While EAD Application is Pending

Right now I am working with a L1A visa status and my company wishes to apply my green card. I know I can get the EAD but and thinking I can work with my L1A until the green card is approved. Is this ok? Also, can you help me with the green card? My company and me are not happy with our previous immigration lawyer.

Yes, you can continue to work on your L1A as long as it is valid and you can even extend the L1A visa status while the green card application is pending. It is actually a good idea not to get the EAD card. If you use the EAD card to work for someone that is not your L1 visa sponsor then you will violate your L1 visa status and if your green card application is denied then you will be out of status. Unless there is a particular reason you need the EAD such as in cases where the L1 visa is expiring you do not wish to extend or don’t qualify for an extension, then you can avoid applying for it.

We’ll be happy to assist you with your application. In the past 12 months, we have been securing many EB1 green card approvals in 2 months or less through regular processing (no extra premium fee required) and should be able to help you. Please send us a copy of your resume and details regarding your company

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