J2 Visa Holder Divorce

I’m a J2 holder. I plan to file for a divorce and would still like to stay in the US.  We’re both subject to the two year requirement because he is on the skills list. Am I still subject after we divorce? If yes, can I still get a waiver or can only my husband apply for it?

Unfortunately, you will still be subject even if you divorce your husband. In most situations, only the J1 visa holder can apply for a waiver but in cases involving divorce or death of the J1 visa holder, the J2 visa holder can apply for a waiver independently.

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  1. Written by Sam
    on January 24, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    I am a J2 Visa holder and we are taking mutual divorce in US. I have my J2 visa valid through May 2020. After divorce can I stay till May or what is the grace period for J2 holder to leave the US

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