H1B Visa and H4 Visa Extension

Is my H4 extended automatically when my husband extended his H1B? I’m worried because he got a new I-94 card when he extended his H1B but I haven’t gotten anything.

An H4 visa status application may be filed concurrently with an H1B status application but they remain separate applications. If you did not file your own application then you will not receive a new I-94 card and are out of status and are accruing unlawful presence from the time your I-94 card expired. In some cases, USCIS will accept an untimely filed H4 visa status extension application but it can be difficult. We have been able to obtain approvals in these types of cases and some cases where the applicant was out of status for two years. However, it is important to have a good immigration history which means no previous immigration violations as well as no criminal history and generally have a record of good moral character.

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  1. Your Spouse is not on H1 status as He did not get I-94 attached with his H1 approval notice. You are not on H4 status as your H4 status depends on your spouse H1 valid status. for more info talk to your lawyer.

  2. hi-
    H-4 Spouse went back to home country for family emergency is not sure when she is coming back-maybe end of march-however H1b ends on March 14, 2013-extension about to be sent out with premium processing-can we still add I-530 to H1B extension?

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