Filing a Second PERM Labor Certification to Take Advantage of shorter EB2 Wait Times

I am from India and I already got an approved labor certificate and I140 in the EB3 category. My I485 has been pending for three years now and it seems like it will never get approved because of the long waits. I have a job offer from another company and I want to file again to go through the EB2 category. Is this ok? Am I qualified? I only have a BA but I now have 6 years of experience.

Yes, not only is it possible for the new company to refile for you but you should be able to take advantage of your current priority date. This likely means that your priority date will be current once the application is approved and you should be able to obtain your green card without any additional wait for a visa number. Regarding your qualifications, a Bachelor’s degree + 5 years experience is the minimum requirement for an EB2 petition so you are almost certainly qualified.

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