H1B Visa Stamping for Researchers and Scientists

My company recently filed my H1B application which was quickly approved by USCIS. I went to the US Consulate in Chennai for stamping and they asked me to complete a detailed questionnaire about my research, my qualifications and how my trip to the US will benefit my research. I wasn’t expecting this and they told me that my answers could result in an indefinite wait for the visa stamp. Is there anything you can do to help?

While these questionnaires would appear to be more applicable to EB1 or NIW beneficiaries, they are actually for a Security Advisory Opinion from the US Department of State. These lengthy questionnaires are becoming more and more common for persons coming to the US to do any sort of research whether the application is for H1B visa, O-1 visa or EB1 or NIW. .Most of our clients are getting clearance in about 1-2 months and we are instructing applicants to plan ahead.

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