Help with Finding a Visa Sponsor

I was wondering if you can in any was assist. Here is the situation: I have a cousin that is visiting from mexico and has a Medical degree back in her country. We are aware of the steps that she must take in order to practice medicinde in the U.S. However, she was wondering where or if she can find an employer that can sponsor her in the meantime. I don’t know how to help her, so if you can help out I would appretiate it very much. 

Yes, we can help her find a company to sponsor your cousin for a work visa. She may be eligible for a TN or H1B visa but she would not be able to work as a physician until she is licensed.

Marriage Green Card for Foreign National Working for US Firm Abroad

I am an american citizen,I am getting married to a Mexican woman on may 2011. My question is: she works for an American company down in Mexico. after we get married in may she is coming to the US with a work visa, would we have any problems if we put the application for a green card while she is working with a work visa?

There may be some issues with immigrant/nonimmigrant intent depending on the type of work visa she will obtain (TN v H1B or other) but we can help the both of you resolve this issue and any others that may arise.

TN Status Denied at the Pearson Airport in Toronto

Hi, I’m the HR manager at [REDACTED] and we’re having some difficulties with several TN visas that I would like to ask you about.  We asked some of our Canadian employees to apply for TN visas at Toronto’s Pearson airport and they were all denied and palced on the no fly list because the proposed work was “intermittent.”  We just wanted these people to come work at our US offices for a couple days out of each month.  Does the work have to be full time and for a long duration to qualify for TN?

I would recommend that you never have any of your employees enter through Pearson.  There are other border locations that are much more suitable.  There is no full time or length requirement to qualify for a TN entry and we should be able to get this decision overturned at another border.  Please send me copies of the CBP decisions and we can get this matter taken care of.

TD Visa Holder Wants to Open a Business in the US

My wife and I are Canadian citizens currently living in the US. She is working on TN visa and I have a TD visa. I own an organic tea importing/exporting business in Canada. I want to expand that business in the US as well. I am planning to contact the tea retail stores or cafes in the US and negotiate a deal so that I can supply tea from Canada to those stores in the US. Can I do that with my current TD visa or do I need another visa? How much would you charge for helping me obtain the right visa?

Unfortunately, the TD visa does not authorize employment in the US. You would need to change your status to H1B visa or E1 visa in order to run your import/export company from the US.