From L1B Visa to H1B Visa

I am currently on L1B visa and it expires in September 2012. I want to apply for H1B visa.

My qualifications:

Bachlors Degree: Computer Science

IT experience: 4 years. (in consulting)

Current Location: Los Angeles(CA)


1. What are the chances of getting H1B visa?

2. How can your firm help me out in getting this visa?

3. Along with visa do you also provide job?

You are certainly qualified for an H1B visa. You will just need an employer to offer you a proper position and agree to sponsor you. We do assist in finding H1B sponsors as well as process the visa paperwork. There is a six year limit for people in H1B and L1 visa status so depending on how long you have been in L visa status, you may not be eligible for a full three year H1B. Please contact our office for more information.

L1 Visa Application Where the US Office is Unprofitable

I work for a company that has an office in Chicago — our main office is in Athens.  They want to transfer me to our Chicago office but I wonder if it will be possible!  The main company is profitable but the Chicago branch is losing money!  Will it be possible?

Profitability is certainly one factor to determine not only the personnel needs of the branch but also the company’s ability to pay your wages.  In many cases, foreign company’s with US branches will assign US based profits overseas to avoid taxes.  We must take into account the totality of the circumstances and look at other positive factors that will support your application.  We’ve handled many similar L1 visa applications and have been able to secure the visas.  It can be dealt with and approved.

Company Relationship Requirements for the L1 Visa

I have a B1 visa right now and I am in negotiations to purchase a US company. I have a company in Brazil that is looking to expand and found some opportunities here. What kind of visa can I get if I buy this company?

If you have worked for the Brazilian company for one year out of the last three in a managerial or executive position then you will be able to obtain an L1A visa. Many people believe that L1 visas are impossible in new acquisition scenarios but that is not the case. There is no time requirement for the relationship between the US company and the foreign company.

L-1B Visa

My company wants to transfer me to the US. My job title is software engineer. I read on your website that I can get L1 visa to transfer but I am not a manager. Is it possible?

You may qualify for an L1B visa provided that you worked for this company for one year of out the last three years and your job requires “specialized knowledge.” Specialized knowledge refers to:

  • knowledge of products, services, research, equipment, techniques, management, or other interests and its application in international markets, or
  • an advanced level of knowledge or expertise in the employer’s processes and procedures, such as the ability to train others or perform specialized knowledge services in areas such as software, service and repair of products, and improving manufacturing methods

Conversion from L-1B Visa to L-1A Visa

The California Service Center (CSC) has indicated a greater willingness to allow conversions from L-1B visa status to L-1A visa status recently.  Many L-1B visa holders would benefit greatly by this change because holding an L-1A visa status allows them to apply for permanent residence through the fast track EB-1C program which does not require labor certifcation/PERM.  The CSC has indicated that conversions from L-1B to L-1A must take place prior to the 4.5 year point of the 5 year maximum stay and extensions beyond 5 years will not be granted.  The policy decision to deny extensions to 7 years as allowed by the L-1A category deviates from prior statements from USCIS and is likely contrary to immigration law is unfortunate and is something we may attack through appeal, if necessary.