Conversion from L-1B Visa to L-1A Visa

The California Service Center (CSC) has indicated a greater willingness to allow conversions from L-1B visa status to L-1A visa status recently.  Many L-1B visa holders would benefit greatly by this change because holding an L-1A visa status allows them to apply for permanent residence through the fast track EB-1C program which does not require labor certifcation/PERM.  The CSC has indicated that conversions from L-1B to L-1A must take place prior to the 4.5 year point of the 5 year maximum stay and extensions beyond 5 years will not be granted.  The policy decision to deny extensions to 7 years as allowed by the L-1A category deviates from prior statements from USCIS and is likely contrary to immigration law is unfortunate and is something we may attack through appeal, if necessary.

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