Embassy Determination of Inadmissibility – Misrepresentation – 212(a)(6)(C)

My name is [REDACTED] from [REDACTED]I was last year in [REDACTED] worked like cahier in one company,it was student program. I applied this year for the same situation,but something horrible happend. My friend from my college given me a just one fake paper from university all another papers were regular,I didnt know it was fake cause I already were in USA and I back on the time when my visa issued and everthing was ok. But now consular give me a section 212a6CI ..I wann try everthing to sai thats not my fault and I never couldnt do that cause I already know all rules in ambasy and I never do that to myself with a fake paper cause I know what that mean. Can u please give me some information about this case. Im ready to pay any good advocate for this. And is possible if I marry for american citizen who is really my boyfriend almoust 2 years,this section can be deleted ?

What do you mean, “one fake paper?” Do you mean that you were using a false I-20 to attend school or that you took one false page of the I-20 packet to the Embassy for visa stamping? If you were truly eligible for the F1 visa and the sole issue was for one false page of your I-20 packet, then we can likely get the inadmissibility determination removed from your record. You will need to send us copies of all of your documents for us to see if we can help.

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  1. Written by Nina
    on August 6, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Hola, me cancelaron mi visa al momento de solicitar la de mi hijo menor, 212(a)(6)(c)(i), cuando me la dieron no dije que tenia un hijo americano y que estuve ilegal,pero entre con visa legal,en la cita de la visa no me lo peguntaron. El papel dice y el mismo cónsul me dijo que puedo pedir un perdón. Que puedo hacer?

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