F1 Visa Stamping After a Successful Change of Status

I came into the US with a visitors visa and my school managed to get me into F-1 status. I would like to see how i can get an F1 visa stamp in my passport so i may travel back home. Id like to find out what my options are.

The only way to obtain a visa stamp in your passport is to apply for stamping at a US Embassy outside of the US. While you can obtain a new visa status in the US, you cannot obtain the visa stamp without leaving the country. The US Embassies prefer that you apply for the visa stamp in your home country. This means that you generally have a greater chance of success there. However, since it is cheaper and faster to travel to Canada or Mexico, many people choose to apply there. Embassies in Canada and Mexico will only accept certain applicants so we will need to make sure that you are eligible before you leave the country.

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  1. Written by Henna Iqbal
    on February 26, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    I am a PhD candidate on F1 visa, that I got through status change from F-2 to F-1. I am currently pregnant, and obtaining visa through Canada at this stage of my pregnancy is easier and accessible. I wish to travel to my home country in later half of my pregnancy for family issues and stay not more than a week, due to my condition. Do I make a good case for obtaining visa through Canada ?

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