E1 Visa Denied in Taiwan

My E1 visa got denied at the US Consulate in Taiwan. I work at a food import company as a manager. The officer asked me what my daily job is when I was getting the interview, I forgot to explain to her that I am the one in charge the company while my boss leaves the country. (he has to leave for visiting suppliers overseas every 2-3 months.) I believe it is the reason why the officer think I dont actually work at a manager posotion,then the officer rejected my E1 Visa.  Should I  re-apply?   What kind of documents can help me to prove I really work as a manager position?

You can either reapply for the E1 visa in Taiwan (AIT) with stronger supporting documentation or we can petition the US Department of State and ask them to review the denial and instruct AIT to issue the E1 visa. We have taken both paths in previous cases and have had success in each. We’ll have to review your case in more detail to determine your best course of action.

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