Cancellation of Removal Proceedings

Im facing removal proceedings, Im out of status, have lived in the USA for more than 10 years, previous to that I came during my school years where I completed all my primary and high school education. I have two kids (twins) us citizens (under 21) with congenital deformities and minor developmental delay.

I do have one offense in my background, but I was reading that with one offense with less than a one year sentenced theres a petty offense exception that can be use.

Please let me know if by applying this petty offense exception theres a possibility my removal proceeding could be cancel.  Thank you, Im desperately looking for positive information.

Cancellation of removal requires that you have good moral character and have not been convicted of crimes codified in INA §212(a)(2), §237(a)(2), or §237(a)(3). These statutes contain a laundry list of crimes for which there are some exceptions. We will need to know where the crime occurred, what you were convicted of and when this occurred to see if you are eligible.

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