Green Card Holder Wants to Bring His Wife to the US

I need to bring my wife to USA to live with me. I have a good job and don’t need her to work so is it possible for her to live here on some some form of visa, such as H4 visa? I understand there it is a wait time of 4 years for spouses of permanent residents. She lives in Ukraine. Please help. thank you.

Your wife would only be able to come as a nonimmigrant dependent (J2, F2, H4, etc) if you held the corresponding primary visa (J1, F1, H1B). As a permanent residency, you would be able to sponsor her through the F2A immigrant visa category and the current processing times are about three years. If you would like to bring her here faster, you may be able to bring her here on student visa (F or J) or a work visa such as (H1B, O1 or L1). There may be other options specific for you so please contact our office for more information.

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