Physician J1 Waiver Job While Applicant is Outside of the US

I am a physician intraining Board certified from the US.

I will be finishing my training in New York city, and will be living in Canada for family reasons.

My 2 years home residency are in my country of last permanent residency which is Lebanon and not Canada.

Can I apply for a J1 waiver job through your office despite the fact that my J1 status expired and I didnt fullfill my 2 years home residency? and I am living in Canada and not the USA? or the only way to apply for a J1 waiver is if the J1 visa is still valid and I am still physically present in the USA and still didnt finish my training in the US??

Knowing that I finished my internal medicine training and am already Board certified.

Thank you

You do not need to be present in the US to apply for a J1 waiver. As long as you obtain a full time job offer to work in an underserved (HPSA/MUA) area, we can help you. Once the waiver is approved, you will need to enter on an H1B visa to begin work for the following three years.

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