J1 Waiver; I94 Expired

Hello, my name is [REDACTED]. I am a citizen of Kyrgyzstan and am married to a US citizen (6 years). I originally came to US on a J1 visa, then after leaving for 6 months entered on F1 visa. Since we got married we have tried everything to change my status to resident but have encountered 212e in all directions. 

I did not realize but in the mean time by I94 has expired (by a lot) and now I have actually been able to get a hold of someone at the embassy that is willing to provide No Objection statement for my 212e waiver application. I need to know if I have any options other than return to Kyrgyzstan because of my overstay and never be able to enter US again. Have you dealt with cases like this before? 

I do not live in Chicago, so I also need to know if you provide services to residents of other states. 

A no objection based waiver is almost always the easiest, especially where the Embassy has indicated that they will issue a no objection statement. If the Embassy will not issue the no objection statement or if you are not eligible for a no objection based waiver for some other reason, such as government funding or graduate medical training, then you may be able to obtain a hardship based waiver or even a persecution based waiver. We will need more information before we can adequately advise you.

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