J1 Visa Travel Issues When the Two Year Rule Applies

Hi sir,

I am from Saudi Arabia, i have J-1 Visa for me & J-2 for my family, (scanned copy attached) 

We are now in USA, my DS-2019 will expire on 08-31-2010 & our J Visa on 09-30-2010.

In our Visa written, INA SEC 212E – TOW YEAR RULE – APPLIES.

I understand that I cannot re-enter USA with another J Visa less than 2 years.

By next September 2010 I have admission to postgraduate program (3 years) in another dental school and I will get I-20.

I plane to go to my country (Saudi Arabia) on July 2010 for one month and I will be back before expiration date of J-1 visa

to finish my scholar program, then to start my new postgraduate program on Sep,

My question, should I apply to F-1 visa during my one month vacation on SA, and is one month enough for the Visa processing, because they are strict on program start date

Or is it ok to re-enter USA with my valid J-1 Visa which expire in 09-30-2010

Would you please guide me in this issue?

Thank you,

The two year rule only restricts you from obtaining an H visa, L visa, a green card or changing/extending your status in the US. It does not prevent you from obtaining a new J1 or F1 at the Embassy nor does It prevent you from entering the country in J1 status.

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