No COS/EOS Notation on I-94

Hello, we are a couple from Europe, Lithuania, we are 48 years old. We had a B1, B2 Visa for ten years. The last time we came to America, August 24.2010. Visa is valid until August 25 , 2010. We received a migration authorization (Form I-94) until November 15, 2010, with the words: “Stay Limited No EOS / COS. In November 2009, we asked the Migration extend our presence in United States. The first received a letter from the migration of the month, it was the standard migration Letter saying that our request is registered and received a fee. A second letter received from the migration in February 2011 with additional questions – Why do we require an extension. Responded to questions until March 7, 2011. And March 30, 2011 we received last migration letter stating that our request is denied.
We still have not left the country, we want to find a migration lawyer who could help us. We very much want to stay in this country, and to have legal status ….. Do we still have possibilities if you can help us??? Do we have the chance to obtain legal status, or to sponsor – the employer’s green card??? How much could it cost if we have another opportunity for legal status of any??? Are we still in force 180 days?
Looking forward to any response from you. Thank you for your time prevented. I hope for your help.
With respect.
I sincerely thank you.

A CBP “No EOS/COS/AOS” notation is not binding on USCIS and you can still obtain an extension from USCIS. That being said, your case has already been denied and it looks like the 30 day window to file a motion to reopen/reconsider has passed so you will most likely need to leave the country. We can help you obtain new visas at the Embassy to study or work here. You may have some other options so please contact our office for more information and be aware that the 3 year bar kicks in when you are out of status for 180 days.

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