Visa Waiver Program Entrant Applies for Adjustment of Status

I’m from Germany and I entered the US through with the visa waiver. My wife and I married and we applied for the green card but we filed it after the visa waiver expired. At the marriage interview, I was told that they would not approve my green card because I overstayed and I needed to file an I-601 waiver, Can you help us with this?

There is no requirement for a visa waiver entrant to be in status when they apply for adjustment through a US citizen. The officer who told you this is mistaken and we can speak to him or his supervisor to get this corrected without filing an I-601. However, when a foreign national enters the US through the visa waiver program, they waiver many of their rights that they would normally have if they had used a visa. One of these rights is the right to fight removal. Since you have been present longer than 90 days, you may be removed (deported) without any right to a hearing. Therefore, we must proceed cautiously to get your green card approved an issued.

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