Lost Labor Certification/PERM

Please help me. My boss lost my labor certificate. He filed my I-140 with a signed copy but apparently that wasn’t good enough and they are asking for the original. What I can do?

Lost labor certifications are not uncommon. The biggest problem is that the Department of Labor will not simply send you another one. They will only send a duplicate directly to USCIS. Normally the procedure is to make a formal request, following proper procedure, to USCIS to request a duplicate for the labor certificate from the DOL. Then once they receive the duplicate, they will send it to the Petitioner and both parties may sign it. By waiting until the last minute, you have violated proper procedure and your case may be denied. Because the PERM approvals are only valid for 180 days now, you may be in the situation where a denial of your I-140 may require you to undergo labor certification all over again. We can assist you in this matter, though it will not be easy.

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