How to Expedite an I-601 Waiver

Expediting an I-601 Waiver Requires a Showing of Extraordinary Circumstances

USCIS will only exercise thier discretion to expedite a Form I-601 where an applicant presents a compelling and urgent argument which involves time-sensitive reasons.  In extraordinary circumstances, USCIS will exercise discretion to approve a request to expedite adjudication of a Form I-601.  A simple desire to be reunited with family in the United States is not extraordinary.  Extraordinary circumstances which may persuade the USCIS to expedite the I-601 will contain one or more of the following

The USCIS will review all request to expedite within 5 business days of their submission and will notify the applicant within 10 business days if their request is granted.  It is unlikely that USCIS will entertain a second request to expedite so it is essential that the first request be as compelling as possible.

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  1. Written by Rosemary Kim Ford
    on June 29, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My father lives in Guadalajara and is dying of cancer. He has very little time left and has requested to see me.
    I only wish to stop-over in the United States to get a connecting flight.
    I have received a Canadian pardon for my previous criminal record, but I understand the United States does not recognize it. I have not been charged since 1990. I am now a middle aged woman who just wants to pass through your country in order to see my father one last time. It is my father’s dying request and he has never offended your country.

    Rosemary Ford

  2. Written by Irene Garcia
    on November 4, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    We have been locked in the Failed Immigration System. We have a I–601A and a I-601 open. I am legally disabled and having to work full-time. We paid for a I-601A twice and the first one was denied because we received a note telling us to apply for a I-601A because in would interfere with the NVC process. It was closed because NVC took 2 weeks more. We received a denial due to not receiving a approval letter from NVC. A letter that was never mentioned before paying for the first I-601A. The second stated that the Consulate of Juarez would decide if my husband returns. We were advised that they don’t do that. So, we were falsely informed! We paid for a 3rd application for my husband to return 5/16 and we have not heard anything. How long does it take to see the Immigration has failed us over and over again. I have supplied my medical records, and medication I need to take. I can not afford to buy them and keep a roof over my head. Due to medical conditions I have I am not able to live with other family members. My husband was the one working full-time. We have ask for all this to be investigated with no success. We need someone to help us! My husband is Jose Guadalupe Garcia, Garcia, DOB 11/01/81.

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