Cancellation of Removal for Nonpermanent Residents

Cancellation of removal for nonpermanent residents allows foreign nationals in the US who are currently in removal proceedings to remain in the US an obtain permanent residency (green card).  Removal may be canceled if the application meets the following four conditions:

1.  The applicant is currently in removal proceedings because he or she is inadmissible or deportable;

2.  The applicant has been physically and continuously present in the US for ten years;

3.  The applicant has had good moral character for that period of time;

4.  The applicant must not have been convicted of certain criminal offenses; and

5.  The applicant must demonstrate that removal would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to his or her lawful permanent resident (LPR) or US citizen spouse, child or parent.

An applicant is barred from obtaining cancellation of removal if:

1.  He of she has previously been granted cancellation of removal, suspension of deportation or other relief under INA Section 212(c);

2.  He or she has persecuted others or is inadmissible under security or related grounds;

3.  He or she entered as a crewman after June 30, 1964;

4.  He or she was a J-1 visa holder for the purpose of graduate medical training; and

5.  J visa holders who are subject to INA Section 212(E) and have not completed the two year home residency requirement nor have received a J-1 visa waiver.

If the judge grants the applicant’s request for cancellation of removal, then the applicant will be able to adjust to lawful permanent resident (green card).  If the judge denies the applicant’s request for cancellation, he will enter an order of removal and the applicant will be removed from the US

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  1. How do one get into removal proceedings if you have a valid non immigrant status, H-1B to be more precised (not yet stamped)? In other words, how can one get infront of a Judge to file such application?

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