Immigration Success Stories – INA 212(a)(6)(c)(ii)

Immigration Success Stories – INA 212(a)(6)(c)(ii)

In October of 2001, our client wanted to enter the US but did not have a visa.  She was introduced a man named Hamid in Toronto, who offered to take her for $2,000 and told her that he could get her in legally.   Hamid drove her to the Seattle port of entry and a CBP officer stopped them and questioned them separately.  Separately, Hamid told the CBP officer that our client was a US citizen and produced his own daughter’s US birth certificate claiming that it belonged to our client.  At the same time, when our client was questioned separately, she stated that she was an Indian citizen and produced her Indian passport.  She was refused entry.

Our client later applied for an immigrant visa through the US consulate in Mumbai, India.  Based on her previous encounter with CBP, which occurred nearly 20 years ago, the Consular Officer found our client ineligible under Section 212(a)(6)(c)(ii).  She protested and attempted to argue the matter but she was dismissed and was told she would never enter the US.

When our client came to us, she felt she had no chance of ever entering the US but wanted to see if there was any possibility for a waiver.  Under current rules, she would never be eligible for an immigrant visa waiver.  When we told her this she was distraught but we told her that she had one other option.  Because Hamid was the one who told the CBP officer that she was a US citizen, we felt we had a strong chance to overturn the Consular Officer’s decision.  And that is exactly what we did.  Just 3 months after we took her case, we were able to get the INA 212(a)(6)(c)(ii) charge completely removed from her record and she was able to obtain her immigrant visa.

Do you have a similar inadmissibility issue?  If so, contact our office and we’ll see if we can correct this for you.

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