Immigration Success Stories – INA 212(a)(6)(e) & INA 212(a)(6)(c)(i)

Our client, a Chinese citizen, entered the US along with her two minor children as tourists.  During their trip in the US, she enrolled them in school for approximately two months before they all returned to China.  They left before their period of authorized stay expired.  Later on when their visas expired, she returned to the US Embassy to renew her tourist visa and apply for student visas for her children.  However, she was refused  pursuant to section INA 212(a)(6)(E) and INA 212(a)(6)(c)(i) while her children were given a 214(b) refusal.

INA 212(a)(6)(E) relates to smuggling or helping someone obtain a visa or enter the US illegally or for a purpose inconsistent with the visa type obtained or applied for.

INA 212(a)(6)(c)(i) relates to making a fraudulent statement or producing fake documents in order to obtain a visa or procure entry to the United States.

The US Embassy accused our client of misrepresenting the purpose of her trip to the US when she applied for her visa and for violating immigration rules when she enrolled her kids in school when they were in B2 visa status.  These inadmissibility charges rendered it nearly impossible for her or her children to ever obtain visas again to enter the United States but we were able to present a strong defense on her behalf to both the US Department of State and the US Embassy which ultimately resulted in the removal of both charges from her record so she and her children became eligible for any type of US visa.  We then helped her secure a new tourist visa and two student visas for her children.

Do you have a similar inadmissibility issue?  If so, contact our office and we’ll see if we can correct this for you.

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