Overturning an Expedited Removal and 5-Year Ban: A Successful Case

Facing an expedited removal by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and a subsequent 5-year ban from re-entering the United States was a devastating blow for our client. A dedicated professional with a spotless record, he was accused of misrepresentation during a routine entry inspection. The removal and ban threatened his career and personal life, separating him from his family and the opportunities he had worked so hard to achieve. Desperate to overturn this unjust decision, he turned to our firm for help.

Our legal team quickly recognized the urgency and complexity of his case. We conducted a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his removal, identifying key procedural errors and misunderstandings by CBP officers. Our strategy focused on compiling robust evidence to support his innocence.

Through diligent preparation and strategic advocacy, we successfully appealed the expedited removal and overturned the 5-year ban. The appeal process was challenging, but our client’s perseverance and our dedicated efforts led to a favorable outcome. The decision was reversed, allowing him to re-enter the United States and continue his life without interruption. This successful case highlights the importance of skilled legal representation and the possibility of achieving justice, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our client’s experience demonstrates that with the right support, overcoming the challenges of an expedited removal and re-entry ban is possible.

Do you have a similar case or one that seems hopeless? Don’t be discouraged. We have successfully handled many complex cases. If you are facing a similar inadmissibility issue, contact us by phone at 305 515 0613 or email us at info@messersmithlaw.com.

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